If your website can’t be found by Google, it doesn’t exist…

and other lessons learned the hard way about creating sales letter landing pages

With the advent of the Internet, there’s a whole new art to writing search engine optimized online sales letters. And mastering it is vital to your success.

The Internet has become the world’s largest advertising medium, completely changing the rules about what works, and what does not work, when selling online to web surfers with short attention spans.

Today, most consumers turn first to the Internet to find information that will help them make purchase decisions. Then they often make their purchases right online — immediately — bypassing any additional advertising, brick and mortar stores, point of purchase displays, and human sales representatives.

If your website can’t be found by Google — if consumers can’t connect instantly to your online marketing message and store — your business virtually doesn’t exist. And your chances for making a sale are almost nonexistent.

And even if you’re an “old hand” at traditional print advertising, marketing, and direct response copywriting, there are new skills to be learned and mastered.

How can I say this with such confidence? By analyzing hundreds of effective websites, and after interviewing dozens of successful online publishers, I’ve unearthed the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks that actually work to increase product sales and profits.

Much of what I’ve learned about this craft has been from Don Nicholas, the founder of the Mequoda Group. I can create your keyword-rich, search-engine-optimized sales letter landing pages and rapid conversation landing pages that will be found by Google, and will drive visitors to your site. And I can do it at a reasonable price.

Contact me if you want to take the next step in creating web pages that Google will find, index and rank in the top 30.

I look forward to working with you.

 Peter A. Schaible